Reviews of Popular Chainsaw Sharpeners  

Choosing which chainsaw sharpener to buy can be a daunting task - there are dozens of models available, ranging from cheap hand sharpening files to deluxe electric bench-top devices.
A simple manual file may be good enough for your needs if you only use your chainsaw occasionally, although these can involve a fair bit of effort to use. If however, you use a chainsaw regularly and want keep the chain razor sharp, it's probably best to consider buying an electric wall-mount or bench-top sharpener.
We provide some reviews of sharpeners below which we feel are worthy of consideration in the search for the right sharpener - we discuss the key features and benefits of each and offer a star-rating for value, quality and performance. 
We also give some feedback from previous buyers and provide a link to each sharpener at Amazon, to read up more on what they have to offer. 
Timberline blade sharpener

Timberline Chain Sharpener


The makes of this innovative device claim it takes 'takes precision and accuracy to a new level' when it comes to chainsaw sharpeners - and judging by the verdict of previous buyers, that's exactly what it does.

The Timberline chain sharpener is one of the more expensive devices, costing around £170, but if you take your chainsaw work seriously and can afford to buy one of these mini marvels, it's sure to get the results you crave.

This sharpener is made of high grade aluminium and is very portable, unlike bench top devices, so you can take it everywhere with you - a real bonus if you do a lot of cutting work away from home in your job.

This is not a powered device so you don't need to hook it up to the mains and it works by clamping onto the bar of your chainsaw. There is no need to remove the chain from your chainsaw, unlike bench top sharpeners.

The Timberline sharpener features a high-grade tungsten carbide cutter which is turned using a handle attached to the main body of the device.

An obvious attraction of this sharpener is that it only removes a very small amount of material from each chain tooth, meaning a chain will last longer it would if sharpened regularly with most other types of device.

Various carbide cutter sizes are available with this sharpener so you'll need to determine the chain pitch of your chainsaw in order to buy the correct one. The chain pitch is normally referred to near the motor on a chain saw bar.

This impressive device can sharpen a chain tooth in just a few seconds and it's estimated to take around 15 minutes to complete sharpening work on an 18 inch chain.

We have not hesitation in recommending the Timberline sharpener - if your budget can stretch to the selling price, it will prove an investment that's unlikely to disappoint.

Here's what a few previous buyers had to say about this sharpener.

'Cutting edge! Brilliant sharpener'

'Don't know why I waited so long to buy one'

'Works like a charm - wonderful'

'Awesome tool for the home user'

Terratek Chainsaw Sharpener

Terratek TTCSS Sharpener


The Terratek 220W TTCSS sharpener takes some beating when it comes to reliability, great results and value for money.

You can pick this little bench-top device up for less than £30 and it comes with a two year guarantee for your peace of mind.

This sharpener comes with four grinding discs and features a handy viewing window to allow you to carefully monitor how you are getting on with each tooth.

Most standard chains can be sharpened with this unit which has a swivelling clamp to enable you to set the grinding angle with considerable precision.

A user manual is provided with this device which will come in handy for anyone who is buying their first electric bench-top sharpener.

The grinding angle is adjustable to 35 degrees left and right, which should cover most users' needs comfortably.

All standard cutter links can be sharpened without the need for re-positioning. The device weighs 2.1kg

With a new chainsaw chain costing an average of £10 you only need to use this sharpener a few times before it will have paid for itself.

This sharpener gets very good feedback from previous buyers, some of whom reckon their chainsaws cuts through wood like butter after sharpening their chains on the Terratek device.

There has, however, been some minor criticism of the fact the power cable is a mere 15 inches in length and the fact the base is made of plastic  - for that reason we're docked a star from our rating this sharpener.

Here's what a few of them had to say about this compact little electric sharpener.

'Excellent piece of kit'

'Great product - well worth the money'

'Really good for keeping chains as good as new'

'Cheap, yet simple and excellent'

'Lovely machine, simple and easy to use'

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening Kit

Oregon Chainsaw Sharpening Kit


Handheld files have served chainsaw users perfectly well for years before electric sharpeners became popular and readily available.

In fact, there are still many pros and amateurs alike who prefer to stick to a manual file - they are cheap, reliable and can be easily carried around in your toolbox when cutting wood away from home.

Oregon is a name you can trust when it comes tools and this package is a full manual sharpening kit, rather than just a file, so you'll have everything you need to get you dulled chain back to full working condition.

This kit, which costs around £15 is suitable for all .325 chainsaw chains, and comes with a handy 'roll-up' pouch which features a belt attachment so you can carry it around with you when doing some cutting work.

The kit itself comprises a file holder and 3/16 inch round file for teeth sharpening, a flat file with wooden handle, a depth gauge tool and a bar groove cleaner keeping guide bars and oil holes clean. A compact maintenance manual and quick check gauge are also included as a bonus.

Using a hand file can be something of a challenge for your first few attempts - however, after a bit of practice, most people are able to get their chains sharpened with a degree of competence.

As with any sharpener, you will need to consult the manual that came with your chainsaw to confirm the angle that the cutting teeth should be filed.

There's no shortage of decent handheld sharpening files on the market, but this one has a proven track record for getting great results.

Here's what a few previous buyers had to say about the Oregon sharpener.

'Great kit for the chainsaw amateur'

'This sharpener is the bee’s knees'

'Excellent product for an excellent price'

'Essential buy - I love it'

Very useful kit at good price