The Benefits of Buying a Chainsaw Sharpener

The obvious key benefit of a sharpener is that it sharpens your chain to enable your device to cut smoothly and safely. But there are many other advantages of owning a chainsaw sharpener - let's consider a few of them.

A sharp chainsaw chain will cut much more efficiently and the operator will need to exert a lot less physical effort to cut through wood. A dulled chain encourages a chainsaw user to lean into the device and press more firmly on the wood being cut - this is not desirable and can ultimately result in an accident.

A sharpener will get your chain working to optimum performance which will put less strain on the chainsaw motor, which in turn means your device will last longer before burning out or needing a service or replacement parts.

A chainsaw sharpener gets you up and running again when your chainsaw will no longer pulls down efficiently through the wood you are cutting. This scenario poses a serious risk to your personal safety as you have less control over the device, you will having to work it much harder to cut through wood and a blunt chain can result in dangerous kickbacks.

Research shows that many accidents with a chainsaw happen because the user has become tired and weary, and their concentration level drops - a sharp blade makes light work of cutting through wood so an operator can work with minimal physical effort and can keep their mind focused on the job in hand.

Keeping your chainsaw chain sharp will also save you money - if you own a petrol chainsaw it will use less energy, and consequently less expensive fuel and chain oil, if the device's blades are cutting more easily through wood. And let's not forget that a smooth-running chainsaw is less likely to break down and require expensive repairs and replacement parts.

On the financial side of things, sharpening a chain will give new life to your existing saw chain, and save you having to pay out for a brand new chain.

Another benefit of chainsaw sharpeners is that they are usually fairly easy to use - yes, you will need to use a fair bit of elbow grease if you are using a manual file, but the actual procedure of sharpening is not rocket science! 

If you have a bar mounted sharpener the job becomes even easier - and a bench top electric sharpener is easier still and will sharpen individual teeth on your chain very quickly and effectively. 

As you can see - there are many advantages to owning a sharpener to keep your chain in tip top condition. These handy manual or electric sharpening tools are worth their weight in gold when it comes to delivering a super sharp chain for all your cutting jobs.