Chainsaw Sharpeners - £25 to £50

You are spoilt for choice in this price range when it comes to finding an effective and reliable electric sharpener for returning a dulled chain to optimum working order again.

Sealey, Oregon, BMC, Einhell, Silverline and Voche are among the leading brand names here which have some top quality portable and bench top sharpeners for your needs.

These sharpeners won't really meet the needs of a professional who is using a chainsaw daily, but they are perfect for amateur enthusiasts who want keep their existing chain running, rather than having to buy a new one.


The sharpeners in the £25 to £50 price range are easily up to the job of sharpening each metal tooth on your chain, allowing you to use your electric or petrol chainsaw efficiently again, either on trees in your garden or for cutting logs to burn on a fire in your home. 

Most electric wall-mounted or bench top sharpening devices operate with a grinding wheel or abrasive disc which is proportionate to the size of the chain teeth on the chainsaw chain. When the chain, which is held in place by a securing lock or clamp, is ready to be sharpened the grinding wheel is lowered using a lever.

Angle adjustments can be made with these machines so they can they are up to the challenge of sharpening pretty much every chainsaw chain there is.

The Silverline sharpeners in this price bracket, which cost around £35, are great little workhorses and achieve impressive results. They feature a swivelling chain clamp and a pivoting head which enables very easy alignment. The settings and controls are straightforward and these sharpeners are very easy to operate - it's just a case of slotting the chain into the guide and then locking it in place for each cut. 

Unlike some high end bench top sharpeners, the Silverline models and many other cheaper devices, require the chain to be moved along manually to the next tooth to be sharpened.

These sharpeners are ideal for individuals at home who just need to keep their chainsaw in a good working condition, but anyone who uses a chainsaw for a living and needs to sharpen several chains regularly, would probably be best choosing a higher specification professional bench top chainsaw sharpener.