Chainsaw Sharpeners over £50

The sharpeners in this price range are the jewels in the crown when it comes to top quality devices that get a blunt chain cutting through wood quickly, cleanly and safely again.

These high-end deluxe sharpeners don't come cheap, but they are true workhorses which can tackle any chain and get all the teeth razor sharp again, ready for your next mission with your chainsaw.

Leading brand names in this luxury price range include Portek, TimberBoss, Sealey, Katsu and Einhell. As you would expect, these electric bench top and wall-mounted sharpeners have been manufactured to the highest standard for precision tooth grinding.


These little beauties are smooth operators which waste no time in getting chains restored to their former glory - or at least pretty near the standard they were at before become dulled by use.

Most of these sharpening devices are electric-powered and attach to a bench top in your workshop but there are a few exceptions - the superb manual Timberline sharpener, for example, fixes directly onto a chainsaw's bar and does an incredible job on any type of chain.

This innovative bit of gear has a hefty price tag of around £180 but this is the sharpening tool of choice for many pro chainsaw operators. It's capable of sharpening each tooth on a chain to the same length and angle in just a few seconds.

An obvious benefit of this device is that it can be taken out with you if you are working away from home. It works with a high-grade tungsten carbide cutter which is turned with an attached handle. It is capable of shaving a thin slither of metal off each tooth, meaning a chain will last even longer than normal.

The Timberline sharpener really takes some beating and many happy buyers have reported that it can get old chains cutting like new after it does its thing!

If you are committed to buying an electric bench-top sharpeners there are some superb devices to choose from including the Katsu Chainsaw Grinder, a 230 watt induction motor device which costs around £70. 

This is a sturdy build sharpener that clamps on to a bench top and runs at a super-fast speed of 3000rpm. This device ranks highly for its strength, durability and performance. It features a built-in work light, a transparent safety shield and comes with two grinding wheels.

Other great quality sharpeners in this range include the TimberBoss 2300 Pro and the Sealey SMS2002C Chainsaw Blade Sharpener. At the top of this price bracket is the Italian-made Affilacatene Professional Grinder Maxx Chain Sharpener, which costs almost £300.